First Batch SPECTRA Pro Delivery Status:

United States:

All tracking numbers are sent to backers and delivered. If you haven’t received the product, email us: [email protected]

The Greater China Region (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan):

Most of the tracking numbers are sent to backers. Backers in Hong Kong, Macao, and Mainland China have received the product or able to receive the product in the next week.

Some backers in Taiwan received the product and we are following up other packages.

Non-US & Non-Greater China Regions:

We are informed that backers in Europe and Japan have received their products.

Starting from last week, we have been sending out tracking numbers to each backer. Due to the different procedures in each local customs and local deliverer, there might be 1 delay of one or two weeks. For example, two packages we shipped at the same time, one is to UK and the other one is to Netherland, the one to UK is delivered two weeks ago while the one to Netherland is still in transit.

We know that all of you are waiting for the package, and we are anxiously awaiting to see you having fun with SPECTRA. We are here aggressively working 24-7 with different parties to speed up the process.

SPECTRA Advanced Delivery Status:

Our motor manufacturer delayed their shipment to us for 1 week, due to an annual environment-friendly examination. Therefore, we decided to ship out a small batch of SPECTRA Advanced today (20 units), and a large batch next week. Therefore, we are sorry to announce that most of SPECTRA Advanced are delayed for 1-2 weeks. During the national holidays (10/1-10/8) in China, most of the logistics firms shipping aboard stop taking in products, but WALNUTT team is still at work and we will ship out the large batch (300-400 units) once the logistics firm is ready.

SPECTRA Mini Status:

All SPECTRA Mini boards are processed to manufacturing and scheduled for a delivery in Oct. and Nov. as stated in the perk information. Currently, everything is on track for SPECTRA Mini.


SPECTRA Silver Status:

All SPECTRA Silver boards are processed to manufacturing. We are currently testing the surface finishing to make it like a mirror.  When we review the current design after prototyping, we noticed that there is a certain chance to have an uneven surface. Now we are testing with different suppliers and surface finishing methods. Therefore, the schedule of SPECTRA Silver may be delayed for 2 weeks and the shipment will start in Nov.