Walnut Technology is a design-driven personal mobility startup that aims to transform the commuter experience by providing consumers with the most advanced electric rideable in the world.

By providing a better and faster way of commuting, we want you to spend your valuable time on what matters most by bringing the future to you.

Based in San Francisco and Hong Kong, Walnut Technology has its core members from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of California, Berkeley.

SPECTRA is the world’s most portable and intelligent electric personal vehicle, with the first-ever 3D posture control system (3D Step). Riders can alternatively control their SPECTRA with the WALNUTT GO App on their smartphones or the remote controls.

In May 2017, SPECTRA series and accessories launched through Indiegogo crowdfunding platform and reached the second in the category of transportation on Indiegogo, funded $682, 148 (USD). In September 2017, the official online store was established and started to serve markets worldwide.

In January 2019, a new electric skateboard built for sharing, SPECTRA X, unveiled at CES 2019 and gained major media expose like Engadget, CNET, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, The Economic Times, and USA Today.