Braking & Sensor Issue

What you need to do now:

  1. Sensor inspection:
    1. Turn on your SPECTRA eboard, connect it with our App, DO NOT press the remote control button on the App.
    2. Press on each arrow one by one, if the tail light turns red and you can hear a click (MagBrake is active), then it means this sensor is working fine. If you press on one arrow but the tail light and the MagBrake do not react, it means this sensor is either broken or wrong calibrated. In this case, you need to update the eboard Go app and then update the SPECTRA firmware. The new firmware will calibrate sensors by itself, and even you found one or more sensors do not trigger the tail light or the MagBrake, you can still use SPECTRA and brake normally.
  2. After the update, if you think the sensor module is not working, send us two videos, one is how you inspect the sensor module, one is how you stand and ride on SPECTRA, and we will help you with it.

Metal Rattling Sound

Some of our backers noticed the metal rattling sound from the rear wheels, and it’s totally normal.

The MagBrake has a spring strip on each side. The working principle of the MagBrake is when a braking signal comes in, the internal electromagnet will be switched on and trigger the braking disc, while there is no such braking signal, the spring strip will push the metal disc away from the braking disc. Therefore, it’s normal to hear the spring stripe touching the metal disc during the ride.


There is nothing to worry about and it’s not something loose inside the MagBrake. In our future design, we will try to apply other materials to keep this same function while reducing the noise.

Wire Sticking Out

Some of our backers noticed that there is a wire sticking out from the rear truck. It’s the powerful Bluetooth antenna and we designed it to be like that because the carbon fiber unibody would interrupt the signal if the antenna is inside.


The wire we use is very reliable so there is nothing to worry about.