We are glad to know our backers are getting SPECTRA Pro eboards form the past few weeks. We got all your suggestions and feedback, and we noticed that there are 5% of the first batch SPECTRA Pro eboards having the following issues.

Braking & Sensor Issue

A few backers reported that the MagBrake is not sensitive and it seems like one or more sensors are not working ( App error message: sensor abnormality detected 1)

Before shipping out, we did a machine simulation test, a real human field test and a final sensor inspection for each board. Only when a board functions perfectly and passes all these tests, it would be packed and shipped.

Possible Causes:

  1. Shoe sole texture: The texture of a shoe sole may also affect the sensing. If you are wearing a pair of shoes with heels, like a Timberland boot, then the heel may press on the SPECTRA edge, not the sensing area.
  2. App bug: We found a bug in the App, causing the error message even there is nothing wrong with the sensor.
  3. Vibration during logistics transportation: Since all boards performed normally when we shipped, this issue may be caused by the transportation. The connection between each sensor and the main control PCB may be broken due to the crashes and vibrations during the delivery.


  1. A new version of App is submitted to iOS App Store, waiting for review and soon will be released.
  2. To have better braking experience, a new firmware, V1.2, will be uploaded, once our latest iOS App is released. However, for iPhone users, updating the firmware with iOS 11 may cause UI bugs. With iOS 11, if you connect SPECTRA and the disconnect, you may see the page with speed modes but it should be the page on which SPECTRA settings are hidden. This bug is not functional, you can still update the firmware with iOS 11. iOS 11 changed a lot of hardware protocols, and we are still working on the compatibility. It’s better to update our firmware with iOS 10 for iPhone users. As for Android users, we tested on major brands, and it’s fine to proceed.

For iOS users, it’s a MUST to update the eBoard Go App first (should be approved and released in 2 days) and then the firmware.

For Andriod users, you can update the firmware with the current version of eBoard Go on Google Play.

Important Notice:

If anything interrupts and stops the firmware update, you need to quit the App, turn off and then turn on your SPECTRA to start everything again. DO NOT try to update it right again when it’s interrupted.