SPECTRA Pro Backers in the US:

Most of the backers in this group received their boards, and we are excited to know how you like it. We will have two official accounts (WALNUTT & WALNUTT Customer Happiness Team) in our app, eBoard Go, share with us and the whole community about your first ride on your SPECTRA Pro!

SPECTRA Pro Backers in the Greater China region:

Some of the backers in this group received their boards and we noticed that it’s a busy month for logistics companies in this region. We will follow up with our logistics partners to ensure you get your board ASAP.

SPECTRA Pro Backers in Non-US & Non-China regions:

Thank you so much for your understanding, supports, and great patience. We feel blessed to have you here with us on the same side to solve the tax issue. We received the $19 perk payments from about half of you while there are still some backers we need to contact with and work things out. We will manually send out tracking number to you. All orders in this group may be delivered in 2-3 separate batches but the delivery time won’t vary too much since we shipped all the items together, and it’s just depending on the local customs and local deliverer. Again, thank you so much for your patience. Meanwhile, you can go check on how people are using their boards in our App, eBoard go.

The Second Batch (SPECTRA Pro & Advanced):

The manufacturing of SPECTRA Advanced is on track, however, we were told that there will be a national holiday from October 1st to October 8th in China. Therefore, we are sorry to say that the delivery for SPECTRA Advanced may be slightly delayed for 1-2 weeks. We plan to ship out this batch in late September or Mid-October. Since we now know the procedure of the customs, it will be faster for backers to receive their boards once we shipped.

For all questions and customers services, contact [email protected]

You can also find us in our App, eBoard Go. We will have two official accounts, WALNUTT and WALNUTT Customer Happiness Team.

We are always here for you.