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Hi, there! Today we would like to announce an exciting news!

Because Easter day is coming and we want to make big prizes for your support.

We decide to hold a SPECTRA GIVEAWAY promotion!

ALL the friends who are interested in our products are qualified to participate in this activity by posting Videos/Photos.

As long as you are creative, interesting and positive, then you may have a chance to win this game.

If you are fond of our products but have other concerns or talented of making amusing or creative videos, it’s a good chance for you!

For SPECTRA Users:

1. Follow us on social media platforms. (instwitterfacebook

2. Post your SPECTRA photos/videos on your social media platform and mentioned us.

3. Invite your friends to like/share your post.


1. Follow social media platforms.(instwitterfacebook

2. Post creative photos/videos related to SPECTRA e-skateboards on your social media platform and @ us.

We will give out our prizes by ranking the likes&shares you receive.

First Prize: SPECTRA Silver +WALNUTT Backpack+ Remote($1,547 value)

Second Price: SPECTRA Advanced +WALNUTT Backpack +Remote ($847 value)

Third Price: SPECTRA Mini Plus + WALNUTT Backpack +Remote ($647 value)

DM us your post screenshot through social media before 15th May

The winners will be announced on 16th May

Why not do it right now! We are here waiting for you!