Hi, guys. Today, we would like to talk about how to choose the most suitable SPECTRA for you.

Mini, Mini Plus, Pro, Adv and Sliver,those are five products we have launched so far. They all have three different ways to control, Remote control, 3D posture control and WALNUTT go APP Control. 3D posture control is one of our greatest strengths, users can be totally hand-free without remote, which means users can go forwards or backwards and brake because of different force. (Here is a tutorial video on our Facebook page.)

All the SPECTRA have 5 sensors, because of different designs, there are 2 arrows showing on the grip tape of Mini and Mini Plus. BUT they have same functions.

Other than various parameters, We want to let you know the different choices for different needs.

SPECTRA Mini: As the shortest and lightest eBoard,it is suitable for the people who are familiar with eBoards and want to carry it all the time. It’s the most portable SPECTRA.

SPECTRA Mini Plus: It is longer board, and it’s best choice for the novice. If you are interested in eBoard but don’t have a lot of experiences, please choose this one!

SPECTRA Pro & Adv: They both have 2 regenerative hubs, compared with single hub of Mini/Mini plus, it will showcase better force performance. What is worth mentioning is MagBrake of Pro, which shortens the braking distance by 47%. If you would like to have a better experience on braking system or you want to use it in the city, it’s a better choice for you. Other than that, there is no much differences between Pro and Adv. In a word, Adv is a high cost performance choice. If you need better braking performance, Pro is more suitable for you.

SPECTRA Sliver: As you can see in our website, ”With 4 hub motors and an Apple- level magnesium unibody, SPECTRA Silver is the most powerful and elegant SPECTRA model.” Silver could give you best user experience and is the easiest one to handle. If you are a fan of eBoard, Sliver could be the best choice for you.

PS: SPECTRA X will be launching soon. You can swap the batteries and wheels, which means you can take it on the plane! Go to our SPECTRA X page and sign up for early-bird discount!

You can comment about what you need for eBoard under this blog and we will recommend perfect fit for you. What’s more, let me know what you want to learn about SPECTRA, you may read it in the next blog! Thank you for reading! See you next week!