Speed Control Going Downhill

If you found SPECTRA brakes all of sudden when you are going downhill, it’s because the board thinks you are not standing stable so it will act like you jump off the board.

We have dealt with this situation in our new firmware update


We recommend you get fully familiar with the 3D Step first and then you can balance and control your body and stand stable on SPECTRA. You would need to bend your knees, hold your weight lower, control the speed before it gets too fast while going downhill.

Android Connection:

For some Android users, if you find it hard to connect with SPECTRA, you can try turning off the Bluetooth and SPECTRA and then switch them on for a reconnection.

We are building a new Android app, it’s more complicated to test on different android models.

If you have a problem connecting, let us know: [email protected]

As always, we are here to solve the problem together with you.

We worked aggressively throughout last weekend for the above outcomes. We will soon post another update for the shipment status.